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90% cocoa – Lindt Dark Chocolate

17 Feb

Lindt understands chocolate. They have degrees of cocoa content, going up by 5% all the way to 90%! The higher the cocoa content, the darker and gritty the chocolate. If you like espresso or tobacco the more likely you are to like high cocoa content. You cannot  scarf down the whole chocolate bar like you would a milk chocolate Cadbury’s but, if you love dense taste then you can take little nibbles and enjoy the darkness of this chocolate.

You can find this particular brand at any supermarket or Walmart. It’s a bit on the expensive side but you can take small bites, it will last longer than a regular KitKat. I have had my chocolate bar for five days going strong!

I know its terrible but having all three of these dark vices is a treat like no other. Try it if you dare!

Even if not…happy nibbles!