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Volver – A film review

27 Jan

Penelope Cruz in "Volver"


I picked up a Spanish foreign film from the library a few days ago. It stars Penelope Cruz, the 2011 face of Lancome. This 2006 film is titled “Volver” and has English subtitles. I have always liked Penelope and have watched several of her movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Blow, Banditas (which is not listed on IMDB but I have a copy and she is great alongside Salma Hayek!) and Vanilla Sky. Those are the movies she is best known for but, she has been in a great deal of others. “Volver” is one such movie that is not a box office best. It is an independent film, directed by Pedro Almodovar.

“Volver” features the lives of a family completely made of females. Penelope plays the lead character, the eldest sister, Raimunda. Raimunda is a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. She works hard at providing for her family and has an uncanny way of making the best out of situations. When her mother seemingly comes back from the dead, there is confusion and rumours from superstitious villagers. Which does not make her life any easier! It is a modern film in which the characters tangle with some pretty taboo subjects; infidelity, drugs, and even murder. Raimunda is strong and has a good sense on how to deal discretely with issues like these! I found the film funny, heartwarming, and full of emotion.

It is rare that I see any media featuring strong everyday women, having regular and frank conversations with each other. Volver is a gem that shines light on how strong women stick together and support each other, even in the face of public humiliation or dirty family laundry. I find it strongly empowering because the women are so powerful even with their trust in emotions and feelings. There is no romantic sub-plot either! This film is a definite serenity ritual, it reminds me to always keep family near. 🙂

Lancome Hydra Zen Yeux – Eye Gel-Cream

29 Dec

I am using the Lancome Hydra Zen Yeux, Neurocalm. It is a gel-cream that helps to contour the undereye area. It is good for someone who is not ready for anti-aging products but are concerned about signs of puffiness and fatigue. It seems light and delicate enough for the tender area around the eye. Once again I am praising Lancome for their precise bottle pump. One pump of the gel-cream is enough for both undereye areas.

Lancome foundation

29 Dec

I have been using my 25W Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup for about a month now. The foundation boasts SPF20 and actually does lift the skin for the said 12hrs. I find the pump easy to use and precise with the amount of liquid it exudes. The foundation itself is light and covers imperfections well, if using the blot and blend technique. Remember to shake well before use, it helps the liquid stay homogenous. There is 30ml or 1.0fl.oz in the glass bottle, let us see how long it lasts.