Frugal beauty for aristocrats!

23 Jan

Baby Products
The best and all-round most beneficial beauty must have is baby cream. It works as a body lotion as well as a face cream. It is for babies so its safe for sensitive skin and sensitive wallets. I recommend Johnson’s because my family has used this brand for generations, its relatively easy to find and smells baby soft. The Johnson’s brand has different scents of its baby cream so you can find some to suit your personality. Personally, I like the original scent because its familiar.

Baby oil is great too. You can use it as eye makeup remover, after a bath to soften skin, to shave your legs, to remove wax, and even as a massage oil. Its great, keep it handy in your medicine cabinet…


This fruit is an amazing toner. It is a natural cleanser and I use it if I’m stuck in between trips to the store. Be cautious, do not use it as a daily thing because it is acidic.

Perfect for extremely dry areas like elbows and knees. Its a great lip balm too!

This is a great way to cool the skin on your face. Its natural and is filled with creamy goodness for your skin. Try mixing a few tablespoons with honey, or you can add brown sugar and use it as a scrub. I think of it as making a healthy meal for my skin…topically however…but, actually eating it is good too…lol! You can use it plain on your face and put slices of cucumber on your lids too. Its just superb.

Try using ground coffee on your skin as a quick pick me up after a raging Saturday night. You can head for brunch looking like you slept all of your nightly 12hrs. Just add water and press it to your face gently. If you want you can wrap the coffee in a cheese cloth. Remember not to get it too close to your eyes.

Karl Lagerfield Productions

20 Jan

Part One

Part Two

Karl Lagerfield is a creative extraordinaire. He is the mastermind behind maison Chanel and has now delved into the art of film. “The Tale of a Fairy” is a story about the lifestyle of rich women and their personal struggle with reality. It is fascinating to view the sheer opulence of having a great deal of flexibility with cash money.
The short film was made as an advertisement for the Chanel Cruise collection 2012. The protagonist center star is Anna Mouglalis, who was chosen to represent Chanel. Her character is being wooed by a fairy to soothe her melancholy.

Dior . Eyes

14 Jan

I picked up a palette of Dior eyeshadows at Eatons Centre last year and have never used it until now. I remember passing Sephora and seeing, in the window, the beautiful shadows in modern packaging. I really fell for the black cushion and the iconic silver Dior emblem. I picked the colours I thought suited me as a Dior girl and bought it without much hesitation. The palette was a Christmas special edition so the colours are exclusive. The eyeshadow itself is thick and not very dusty. This is good because, with dark colours, you need the colour to be dense for maximum dramatic effect. I now use the palette when I have an evening out and also when I need a highlight on my causal nights. I have used the Dior eyeshadow on my make-up demos on this blog. There is a drawing of a woman’s face with makeup I use everyday if you look further into my blog.

Hot Stone Massage Calling!

14 Jan

I am dreaming of getting a hot stone massage. My back is aching from the walking in high heels, the bending to clean after my bunnie, the sweeping of the floor, etc, etc. I feel like I need a hot point pressure on my back to circulate the energy. It is wonderful to know that these massages cost between $150-$200! I know, I know…that’s how much a Nine West purse costs and well comparatively speaking…its cheap, right? Wrong. Everyone knows I’m an aristocrat on a budget and well, that means I think big but I need value for my dollar. Which also means, I can dream on….lol. Perhaps I will pass on the ballet next month and the next and the next and perhaps I shall get relief for my hot stone fix! 🙂

High Fashion Hair

13 Jan

I love hair with life and volume. Texturizing is a must because it makes hair move. The hair is full of life and is extremely fashionable. Short hair screams independence and activity. The bob has transcended into a full time accent to outfits I wear on a daily basis. My favorite hair stylist would have to be Maurice Fiorio. His technique is young and energetic as well as sleek. The man has turned modern hair into a brand and is flaunted by young women of status all over the world. I have included some of his work, taken from his website. Please enjoy…try and find someone with his level of professionalism and style…and let me know. His haircuts are terribly expensive.

Impression on Degas

12 Jan

Tonight I watched a biography on Edgar Degas, who was a french painter in the 19th century. He painted dancers, washer women and cabaret dancers…all people who were considered lower class. His paintings became famous because of his use of light and space. He used techniques that are similar to modern day Photoshop. His subjects, the dancers, were women who were bound by their social position. They were beautiful dolls in a forever dance that was trapped on the shelf.

The One and Only Spa – Dubai

7 Jan

This is the “One and Only Spa” in Dubai worth noting in the city. It is full of opulence and extreme luxury…the Arabs are well known for their love for the comforts of prosperity. Take a look at the wonderful photos I’ve selected. Imagine yourself in these surroundings. The pictures are so beautiful, they are mesmerizing. The Spa is located in The Royal Mirage Hotel on the Palm Island Bay in Dubai.

Made Up Faces

5 Jan

What makes a woman pretty, interesting, ugly, or quirky? All facets of personality, nature, and breeding aside, I think it is all in the eyebrows and choice of make-up. You can completely alter your image simply by changing simple features of your face. I have a limited inventory of make up, but I decided to create different looks using the exact same palette. The facial bone structure in this post are replicas. I have restructured the eyebrows in each one and have played with technique using makeup. You can observe the dramatic change of persona in the separate demonstrations.

Lancome Bonus

3 Jan

I received this Lancome bonus with my Hydra Zen Yeux eye gel-cream. It contains a lotion, a cream cleanser, and two anti-aging products. I like the cream cleanser because it is gentle and effective. It has a pink colour to it and is very creamy. The bottle is plastic so it is practical to have it by my sink. The smell is pleasant and is also clinical enough to smell clean. I like the cleanser most out of the bonus gift package.

Mango Body Butter from The Body Shop

3 Jan

I have been using this body cream for about seven years now, it has the thickest consistency around. It truly is like a butter you can apply on your skin. The smell is fresh and is pretty strong. The mango smell reminds me of the creamiest most mangoy lassie in Gerrard Street.