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Spring 2012 – The Peplum Skirt

17 Feb

This is my favorite trend this Spring/Summer 2012. I think the peplum skirt brings fun and youthful vigor to any closet because you can wear it in any colour or pattern, it is an accent piece that you can rock to most functions. The layered look can be transfered to a blouse or dress and is easy to make. You do not need a pattern to create this look, just search “peplum skirt how to” on youtube and you will find some videos on how to make one easily yourself.

There are a great deal of celebrities who are wearing the peplum skirt, I have seen it at the Grammy’s and the Billboard awards. It can be cute or formal, depending on how you style the separate. I like basic black with a white tank but I would punch colour with a fun statement necklace. I am on the look out for colourful and funky floral concept statement necklaces. A new trend perhaps? It started with the peplum skirt!

DKNY shows her gritty side Fall/Winter 2012

13 Feb

This collection puts me right in the streets of New York. The dense crowds, the thick smoggy air and the gridlocked traffic! With all the bustle and grime, I think DKNY is right on target, it’s best to wear black. Note how the models have their hair pulled back, that’s very practical given the environment. This is a no-nonsense, polished look that exudes female poweress! I will probably model this look today, with a nod to Donna Karan, I will wear my black leather jacket! I’ll be going to the Pickering city centre, perhaps I’ll check out the DKNY collection at the Bay…

Good Gosh! I am shocked at the state of the fashion go-to department store of the suburbs! The Bay has failed in the city of Pickering. DKNY was looking very bland and not very couture. And, after seeing this video of her latest collection, I feel like slapping the merchandiser at the Bay! The clothes they pick for retail sale are not at all representative of DKNY effort and charisma. The department stores need to step up their game if they are going to represent high fashion brands! Completely silly, and don’t give me the “you have to pay the big bucks to get the good stuff” speal…it is still DKNY for gosh sake, present it like you know about the time it takes to create high quality clothing!

Resort Wear 2012

29 Dec

This is the first ensemble of my set of resort wear clothing. The line is still in its conceptual stage. I find sewing the idea together in miniature helps because I can see the positives and also the flaws in a 3D view. The final product may or may not be exactly the same as the prototype.