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Mental Workouts are a Good Stretch

29 Jan


Homer: What’s wrong, old friend? Can’t sleep? (his stomach is rumbling) Aww. Would some warm beer settle you down? (his stomach continues rumbling) Uh-oh. (gets up and runs off) Those barley burgers were tainted! Why did I eat twelve of them?! Why?!

(runs to a bathroom door, only to find Marge using it)

Marge: Taken!

[Homer shuts the bathroom door, and runs upstairs to another bathroom door, only to find Bart using it.]

Bart: Occupied!

[Homer runs to another bathroom door, only to find Lisa using it.]

Lisa: Hurling!

[Homer runs, looks both ways, runs into Lisa’s bedroom, and vomits into her saxophone; his mouth gets stuck trying to get it out.]

Homer: Uh-oh!

– Season 20, Episode 21: “Coming to Homerica”



Sometimes my mind is foggy and full of cobwebs. The feeling is very uncomfortable. I am not focused and I bumble through my duties completely inept. What I’ve found is something perhaps obvious. Going to the pub the night before, eating a greasy burger before I pop into bed and sleeping the whole day after is not good for the brain. It is a silly routine people do, just to have a little fun. Like most good things, we should indulge sparingly.

I find that a quick mental workout during the day helps enormously. What you can do is switch a detail of your routine to something different. Examples include: eating your breakfast with the other hand, taking a different route to work, walking a bus stop or two, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Physical exercise helps the flow of blood to your brain, which helps the bolts and cogs in it to work more efficiently.

Also, eating nutritious food helps to keep your brain in top form. Whole foods like rice, lentils, bread, milk and eggs are a good foundation. Meat rich in proteins and fatty acids are good too. Fish and chicken being slightly better than red meat. Veggies have to be included in the diet because they offer other nutrients which help with the functioning of the body. Leafy greens, carrots, potatoe, and broccoli are yummy side dishes. It is important to feed your body with foods that are rich in nutrition. You will notice a happier more youthful self!

I also recommend hobbies as a great way to keep your mind active. Puzzles, sewing, sports and drama are fun and are an enjoyable way to spend time. My happy happy hobby is writing and reading comprehension. I love the way I can organize my thoughts and then go over them instantly so I can make sense of what I had been thinking. I highly recommend spending about ten minutes or more a day on your hobby. The point is to try and always be mentally active. If all else fails and your turning into sludge, just pop a movie in the bluray…pay a small degree of attention…and slowly notice the brightly flickering beautiful range of colours and lights. And that’s enough. LoL! Have a pleasant and thought-filled day!

Arghawan Pure Green Tea

26 Jan

The first and last serenity ritual I have in my day is a pot of green tea. I like the fact that the tea is organic and contains a slight amount of caffeine. The tea is soothing and has a distinct flavour that tastes fresh and light, its aroma is very pleasant.  I like to drink green tea after yoga and before or during my daily email/twitter/blog check in the morning.  And of course….at night I like the warm liquid to put me in sleepy mode and relax my senses after the days work.

The pot I use gives me around 3-4 cups of green tea, which lasts a good 15 minutes with me. The fluid intake is a good amount and I feel like I am doing good for my body. After all, my doctor tells me its beneficial to drink at least a gallon/3 litres of water a day and I feel this gets me a good amount of fluid into my blood stream. Water is essential to good digestion, without it the immune system would weaken and the body would not receive vital energy at the cellular level.

Green tea comes in different forms. The regular bag type, the powder matcha, the matcha paste and the loose leaf form. I like all of them and think each has their place on my shelf. Their usage depends on how much time I have to enjoy the different qualities of tea.

The matcha is the best form of green tea, it is used primarily in tea ceremonies which are prevalent in asian culture. The leaves of the plant are machine ground to a fine powder which is dissolved by whisk into hot water. It takes time and patience. The making of the matcha green tea has evolved into an art form in Japan. The tea ceremonies are elaborate and are primarily a custom for business relationships. Housewives in Japan also observe the tea ceremony. Sort of like tea time in England. An inexpensive and quick way to get matcha green tea is to use the paste, which can be found at a local market. The matcha paste is a quick way of achieving similar quality. Matcha is considered luxurious and has a matching price tag. About $6 for 50 grams.

As I live in the modern world of convenience, the loose leaf green tea or the regular bag does the job. Just add boiling water, simmer, and drink up! None of that time consuming whisking! I use the loose leaf green tea daily. If I plan to leave the house immediately, I tuck a tea bag into my purse. The delicate flavour of natural plant extracts is enough for a timely serenity ritual, no matter where in the world I am…

The key to good health is to treat your body with care, kindness and respect.

Protect your Pranayama

24 Jan


Pranayama is a word for life essence, which is your breath…your breathing. It is the most basic serenity ritual. It takes energy (oxygen) from the air, plants, and animals around you in the world and gives back energy (carbon dioxide) to those exact same sources.  How does it relate to your everyday life? It helps you digest the food you consume.

Digestion is basically the processing of natural energy through the body. Your prana (breath) fuels the agni (fire or burning of energy) within the stomach, digesting your food and then processing the apana (waste) through your intestines. This is a simple way of seeing the complex process of digestion. Please refer to the diagram above this post.

I started with yoga May 2011 because I wanted to correct my posture. I felt that I was slouching and looked very lazy. I approached yoga with hope that it would get me on the road to becoming more disciplined. I started with a quick google search. After much browsing I found Esther Ekhart. She is a savvy modern yogi and her asanas (routines) are easy to follow and easy to remember as well. I began with her morning routine which I found on youtube. It is called “Wake up Happy with Esther“!

I kept up with it and became disciplined because I enjoyed the morning stretch. I found that almost immediately the yoga had an effect on my life. I could reach my arms out farther and more gracefully. I can squat to pick objects up from the floor and not hurt myself! Yoga is also very therapeutic. I can work on my coordination through simple breathing and stretching.

Through yoga I gained knowledge of pranayama which is key to digestion and a healthy body.

Hot Stone Massage Calling!

14 Jan

I am dreaming of getting a hot stone massage. My back is aching from the walking in high heels, the bending to clean after my bunnie, the sweeping of the floor, etc, etc. I feel like I need a hot point pressure on my back to circulate the energy. It is wonderful to know that these massages cost between $150-$200! I know, I know…that’s how much a Nine West purse costs and well comparatively speaking…its cheap, right? Wrong. Everyone knows I’m an aristocrat on a budget and well, that means I think big but I need value for my dollar. Which also means, I can dream on….lol. Perhaps I will pass on the ballet next month and the next and the next and perhaps I shall get relief for my hot stone fix! 🙂

Mango Body Butter from The Body Shop

3 Jan

I have been using this body cream for about seven years now, it has the thickest consistency around. It truly is like a butter you can apply on your skin. The smell is fresh and is pretty strong. The mango smell reminds me of the creamiest most mangoy lassie in Gerrard Street.