Protect your Pranayama

24 Jan


Pranayama is a word for life essence, which is your breath…your breathing. It is the most basic serenity ritual. It takes energy (oxygen) from the air, plants, and animals around you in the world and gives back energy (carbon dioxide) to those exact same sources.  How does it relate to your everyday life? It helps you digest the food you consume.

Digestion is basically the processing of natural energy through the body. Your prana (breath) fuels the agni (fire or burning of energy) within the stomach, digesting your food and then processing the apana (waste) through your intestines. This is a simple way of seeing the complex process of digestion. Please refer to the diagram above this post.

I started with yoga May 2011 because I wanted to correct my posture. I felt that I was slouching and looked very lazy. I approached yoga with hope that it would get me on the road to becoming more disciplined. I started with a quick google search. After much browsing I found Esther Ekhart. She is a savvy modern yogi and her asanas (routines) are easy to follow and easy to remember as well. I began with her morning routine which I found on youtube. It is called “Wake up Happy with Esther“!

I kept up with it and became disciplined because I enjoyed the morning stretch. I found that almost immediately the yoga had an effect on my life. I could reach my arms out farther and more gracefully. I can squat to pick objects up from the floor and not hurt myself! Yoga is also very therapeutic. I can work on my coordination through simple breathing and stretching.

Through yoga I gained knowledge of pranayama which is key to digestion and a healthy body.

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