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Moving on New Years Eve 2012

31 Dec

As people bustle out to parties and others snuggle in for the evening on December 31st 2011, I will be moving to the next town over to begin another chapter in my life. I will wake at seven in the morning…hmmm, perhaps that’s too early. I will wake at NINE am. Hopefully I will manage to sit down for a quiet bottle of champagne and enjoy the fireworks in my new flat before midnight.

Trancerera Clothing

29 Dec

My friends at Trancerera are my constant companions. I have done the hair and the makeup for all their photoshoots, including Wild Rose. It is so exciting to work with an international Toronto based clothing line. I was asked to assist with everything including the sets and of course the wardrobe. They are progressing to another collection in 2012 and hopefully they will ask me back.

Eyelash curler demo

29 Dec think the eyelash curler is a misunderstood and often overlooked tool. If used gently it provides a beautiful and dramatic touch to eyelashes. In this video I have demonstrated the right pressure and rhythm to achieve the best result.

Resort Wear 2012

29 Dec

This is the first ensemble of my set of resort wear clothing. The line is still in its conceptual stage. I find sewing the idea together in miniature helps because I can see the positives and also the flaws in a 3D view. The final product may or may not be exactly the same as the prototype.

Lancome Hydra Zen Yeux – Eye Gel-Cream

29 Dec

I am using the Lancome Hydra Zen Yeux, Neurocalm. It is a gel-cream that helps to contour the undereye area. It is good for someone who is not ready for anti-aging products but are concerned about signs of puffiness and fatigue. It seems light and delicate enough for the tender area around the eye. Once again I am praising Lancome for their precise bottle pump. One pump of the gel-cream is enough for both undereye areas.

Lancome foundation

29 Dec

I have been using my 25W Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup for about a month now. The foundation boasts SPF20 and actually does lift the skin for the said 12hrs. I find the pump easy to use and precise with the amount of liquid it exudes. The foundation itself is light and covers imperfections well, if using the blot and blend technique. Remember to shake well before use, it helps the liquid stay homogenous. There is 30ml or 1.0fl.oz in the glass bottle, let us see how long it lasts.

Chanel Eau de Parfum – Mademoiselle Coco

29 Dec

I turned 29 years old this year and I am grateful for the lingering of my youth. Quite pleasingly, I received a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel from my fiance. It is a beautiful glass bottle with a heavy stopper. The liquid itself is an enigma. Not a perfume oil, though it lasts. Not an eau de toilette, though it is of a light consistency. After a little thought and a closer glance at the bottle, I discovered that it is an oil based eau de parfum.

The pink liquid parfum reminds me of how innocent and pretty I feel when I am reminded I am a female. I just love being a girl. Always go after your dreams, no matter what anyone says.